Love Hands With Dark Pink LOVE Heart Detail Handmade Pin

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This Love Hands with dark pin LOVE heart Pin is a perfect gift for sending to a loved one or friend who you're missing and you want them to know that although you can't be there, you're always there for them.

Two hands in a turquoise and white spotted and white and pink zig zag designed gloves with the thumb and forefingers coming together to form a dark pink heart with the word LOVE written on it. All digitally hand drawn by Sarah.

Another version of this pin is also available with the cut out heart detail, but with the thumbs and forefinger enclosed around a dark pink heart with the word LOVE written on it.

This pin is hand made from a non-toxic shrink plastic and coated in a clear resin and mounted onto a silver coloured brass butterfly clutch tie tack pin back. The measurements are as follows; 35mm x 35mm or 1.37inches x 1.37 inches approximately.

Perfect as a gift for Valentines, mothers day, Christmas Day, Birthday or gift for a friend.

Small bubbles may occur during the curing process and this is part of the hand made process and is not a fault.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to sharp and small pieces. 

When not wearing please store away from sunlight